Kwery makes it simple and easy to generate, schedule, view and email business reports from datasources using SQL.

Schedule report generation using GUI or cron expression if your needs are complicated.

Combine data from multiple datasources in your reports.

Search and view all your reports in one place, no more foraging emails for old reports.

Email reports and also get alerts when report generation fails.

Set up is a breeze only a single Java jar to run, no dependencies other than Java 8 runtime.

You are in complete control of where to host and run Kwery. Evaluate on your laptop and then set it up on a server for others to use.

Your data is secure and private with you, no need to expose your entire database to a third party service for reporting.

Works with

  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • AWS Redshift
  • SQL Server
More datasources coming soon

Get Started

Download Kwery Documentation

If you want to say hello, email me at [email protected]